Some frequently asked questions about our Gift Card

How does the Gift Card work?

The Telford Shopping Centre Gift Card is a Prepaid MasterCard. When purchased, like a standard gift card, the value requested is placed onto the card ready for use by the recipient. Unlike bank issued credit cards, you can only spend the total value loaded onto the card - you cannot go over your limit therefore it is important to be aware of the total balance available on your card before making any purchases.

When making a purchase at a participating store, please ensure you are aware of the balance on the card as any additional amounts to pay may need to be made before using the card. Please notify the cashier the current balance of the card prior to the transaction to allow them to make the correct value transactions at time of payment and prevent any delays making your purchase.

The transaction will be placed as a credit card payment and will use the card machine swipe function to process. When the transaction begins, the card machine and your receipt will confirm as a MasterCard payment. You will then be required to sign the receipt to complete the purchase - please ensure you have signed your card prior to use to authorise the card as this will also be the reference signature for the cashier.  

Who accepts the Gift Card?

Only stores within Telford Shopping Centre are eligible to accept the Gift Card. The Telford Shopping Centre Gift Card is accepted in all stores who accept credit card payments and tills that include a swipe payment function.

Stores will also display where possible our Telford Shopping Centre Gift Card sign in their window.

Where can I purchase a Gift Card?

Gift Cards can be purchased from the following locations:

Customer Service Desk by Waterstones
Shopmobility on Red Oak Car Park or online on the Flex-E Card Website

Cards can be purchased by cash or debit/credit card only - card only online. Photograph ID may be required.

Gift cards purchased online can be posted directly to the person purchasing the item, to the intended recipient or can be collected from the Shopping Centre using click and collect. Click and collect purchases can be collected from our Shopmobility unit which is also a registered Collect+ location.  Email receipt and Photograph ID required for click and collect.

How much money can be kept on a Gift Card?

Gift Cards can be loaded with any value from £5 - £1,000 at time of purchase.

Can you add extra money onto an existing Gift Card?

Additional funds cannot be added to a card once it has been purchased.

Card providers Flex-E Card offer a gift club facility which will suit shoppers who would prefer to purchase a gift card for a special event, such as saving for Christmas shopping, wedding gift, staff collection or similar. The Gift Club allows individuals or groups to deposit funds into a holding account until they wish to redeem as a card. Details of the gift club can be found at the bottom of the page.

How can you check the balance on a Gift Card?

The initial balance and the card number will be shown on the receipt issued at the time the card is purchased. You can also check your balance at any time using one of these options:

Scan the QR code on the Gift Card to be directed to the balance page on Flex-E Card website
Visit the Flex-E Card website - - Use our Free Customer Wifi so you don’t even have to use your data allowance!
Text BAL followed by your 16-digit card number to 60030 (SMS service costs 25p + standard network charge)
Call the Customer Service Line 0844 774 4277 (national call charges apply)
Visit the Customer Service Desk or Shopmobility

How long is a Gift Card valid to use?

Gift Cards expires for 1 year from date of purchase. Any outstanding balance remaining on the card cannot be redeemed once the card has expired.

Can I refund an item I purchased on a Gift Card?

Gift Cards like any credit card can be refunded on to if within the 1 year validation period. As set by financial regulations, if an item is purchased on a credit card, the refund must be back onto the same card. If you no longer have the card or it has expired, the store assistant will advise you of their store policy. Refund policies can differ so please refer to individual store policies.

As with any credit card refund, please note it can take up to 10 working days for a refund to process and funds to return to your card. Your transaction history can be seen at any time on the Flex-E Card website. If you have any problems or questions regarding your gift card please contact the Flex-E Card Customer Service Line on 0844 774 4277.

I’ve lost my Gift Card. Can I get another one?

If a gift card is lost or stolen, please advise the Card Operators (Flex-E Card) immediately by telephone on 0844 774 4277. As long as you have your Gift Card number the card can be located on the database and locked. This will ensure no one else attempts to use the card without your knowledge. Sadly we cannot prove whether a transaction made using the card is legitimate at time of use so please note that any purchases made prior to notifying that it is lost or stolen cannot be prevented or refunded.

Where possible, Flex-E Card will issue a replacement card with the outstanding balance minus a administration fee. Please note this is only permitted when the original card details are provided, proof that the card has been lost or stolen, photograph identification may be required and sufficient funds are transferable on the cancelled card.

Full details will be given in the event of the card becoming lost or stolen and the decision will always be dependent on the information supplied and investigation results. All lost or stolen gift card issues are managed directly with Flex-E Card via their Customer Service Line 0844 774 4277.

Who provides the Telford Shopping Centre Gift Card?

The Telford Shopping Centre Gift Card is a facility managed by Flex-E Card. All operations and management is in line with all legislation as directed by the Financial Authority and associated bodies. Additional information can be found at  

All Telford Shopping Centre Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards are issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd as pursuant of MasterCard International Inc and its license.

Flex-E Card Gift Club

Looking to save ready for a Christmas gift shopping spree in the centre, wedding gift from friends and family or something similar? Then why not consider the Telford Shopping Centre Savings Club Gift Card Service.

The Gift Club service can be set up with our customer service team at the Shopping Centre or from the comfort of your own home via the Flex-E Card website. Simply choose the appropriate gift club option for you - savings, wedding, group gifting; enter your details as the account creator; register your unique gift club name and activate*.

Once activated, you will be issued a unique web address and club number exclusively to your gift club account. This account detail can be kept for your use or for larger group savings clubs such as wedding or gift collections, the details can be passed on so other can use to make their deposits.

When you are ready to use the saved funds, you may either redeem via the Flex-E Card websiteor from Telford Shopping Centre Customer Service team.**

 *Please note you will require a minimum deposit of £5.00 to activate the club. If you select the “Hide Club” option during creation it will not be possible to locate your club by our customer service team for deposits at the centre without the unique club web address.

**Only the club creator may redeem the account funds and must be redeemed in full - no partial withdrawals to gift card permitted. Photograph ID may be required.

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