Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week, Telford Centre have opened their brand new Mindful Lift, which has been inspired by the work of poetry writer and mental health champion James McInerney.

The Mindful Lift provides access to The Retreat Roof Top Garden at Telford Centre, which was developed in partnership with the Autism Hub and is a sensory garden which also provides a quiet space for reflection and time out of the busy day.

The lift has been beautifully decorated and features the work of James McInerney where his poems have been used to create a tranquil space that will start the journey to The Retreat.

Telford Centre has worked with James McInerney of The Poetry Project for a number of years now, also sharing some of his mindful poems across their social media channels during Mental Health Awareness Week.

The aim of James' poetry is to raise awareness of subjects like depression and mental health in an attempt to help those who are currently suffering and show them that it is ok and they are not alone. The spoken word can be a very powerful thing and in itself can be healing.

Katie Broome, Marketing Manager at Telford Centre said: “We know how important The Retreat has been for our customers and for the community by providing a relaxing space where they can take time out. We hope the Mindful Lift will help further with creating a relaxing environment and we would like to thank James for his continued support with the project and work with Telford Centre. This has been a lovely project to work on and it’s fantastic to see how well it has been received by visitors.

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