Leapfrog Club SEN Sessions Now Available

Telford Centre is pleased to welcome the return of their hugely popular monthly Leapfrog Club events, with Free supervised fun and activities for children and families.

As part of the new Leapfrog Club launch, SEN sessions will now also be included at the start of each event, helping to make the activities more accessible to children with special educational needs.

Leapfrog Club is Free to join and hosts a variety of fun and engaging events and activities. This coming Saturday’s event (22nd January) is a ‘Care and Share’ Cup Cake Making Session. Children can design and make their own cup cake toppers for their Care and Share Cup Cakes, then pass these on to someone they care about. The event is designed to help teach the importance of caring and sharing time with others while also having great fun!

There is a full line up of events for the coming year including:

  • 26th February, How Does Your Garden Grow
  • 26th March, The Secret Mum Shop
  • 16th April, Chirpy Cheep Cheep Cookie Class
  • 28th May, National Earth Day
  • 25th June, Sand Art Ocean Magnet Making
  • 30th July & 27th August, Summer Holiday Fun
  • 24th September, When The Wind Blows
  • 29th October, Let’s Go Batty For Halloween
  • 12th November, Rockin Robbin

Leapfrog Registration is free, you can register online here.

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