Quiet Hour

Telford Centre, in partnership with the Telford Autism Hub, have been working to help deliver an autism friendly shopping experience which feels welcoming and safe for their customers.

For the estimated 1760 people living with autism in Telford and Wrekin a trip to a vibrant and popular place such as Telford Centre can be difficult so the team at Telford Centre have taken a number of steps to help to make the visitor experience more enjoyable for those affected by autism.

Working closely with Telford Autism Hub, the centre has implemented a number of initiatives and worked with retailers to make some significant changes. This includes a Quiet Hour on the first Saturday of every month between 9am and 10am. The centre’s team have worked closely with retailers to provide a more autism-friendly world experience for visitors during the Quiet Hour.

Additionally, the centre has introduced Autism Champions as part of the Customer Service team.

The Autism Champions are team members at Telford Centre who have received training specifically to support customers affected by autism and to raise awareness with shoppers. They can be identified by their Champion badges and can be located by visiting the Customer Service desk at the centre.


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