Time Capsule Unearthed

A time capsule has been unearthed at Telford Centre as they commemorate 50 years. The capsule contains items from 1994 providing a snapshot of the centre and social history 30 years ago.

The current centre management team invited along some of the centre’s past team including Ray Hoof, who previously managed the centre and was part of the team that buried the time capsule originally.

The capsule included old receipts and concert tickets from 1994, old centre plans and marketing collateral, photos and even business cards of people that worked on the site.

Katie Broome, Telford Centre Marketing Manager said: “It’s been great fun taking a look inside of the time capsule, it’s a snap shot in history. It’s been quite surprising to see how much has changed in just the past 30 years and how the centre has evolved.”

The team have added to the capsule, with items to recognise the centre’s 50th year including:

  • Photos of the current management team
  • Fact sheet of the centre and Google Earth image of it’s current layout
  • A newspaper of today
  • Present day photos of the centre
  • Examples of current currency 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p
  • A stamp
  • Receipts showing current day coffee prices

The capsule will be reburied and left for the next centre team to discover in future years.

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